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Don't go Used Car Shopping empty handed. Use the Appraisal Guide proven to help $ave money!

The Auto Evaluator is a FREE Used Car Apprisal Guide

When it comes to buying a car, there are many questions consumers like yourself want to have answered before you purchase. For most, the biggest question is "How can I buy a car without being taken advantage of by the Dealer?" Since dealerships sell cars everyday and consumers typically only buy a new car every 3 years, this puts you at a disadvantage, which makes it vital for you to learn how to make the best decision possible. This entire website is dedicated to giving you the knowledge you will need to buy a car with confidence regardless of whether you're buying from a dealer or private seller.

This Used Car Appraisal Program is a proven buyers guide that shows you how to buy a used car based on facts, rather than speculation or opinions. This step-by-step program utilizes 7 copyrighted copyrighted checklists that help to protect you from overlooking many important aspects about a vehicle before you purchase it, regardless of your automotive knowledge. Some of these problems can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so the more you know about a car, the better of a decision you can make. This program is free to use and we hope this helps you find the perfect Used Car!

This Buyers Guide has been helping people like yourself purchase Used Cars since 2003. Below are 6 of the copyrighted checklists along with a brief description.

Phone It's hard to see any warning signs just by looking at the ad in the paper or internet. We have developed 2 separate checklists to help show you what to ask the seller or dealer to help decide if the car is worth taking the time to looking at. Before Starting The Before Starting form guides you through what items need to be inspected prior to even starting the vehicle. The software shows you exactly where to look by using detailed pictures as examples, in the event you don't have a lot of automotive experience.
Starting The Starting & Observing form guides you through what items need to be inspected once the vehicle is running. The color coded lists make it very clear which problems can be severe in regards to both safety and/or repair costs. Test Drive The Test Drive form will help you diagnose how the vehicle reacted while on the test drive and covers such items as brakes, alignment, cooling system, suspension, transmission, drivetrain, and much more, even if you aren't a mechanic.
Dealer Worksheet The Dealership Worksheet is an extremely useful and informative form that is a must have if you plan to purchase from a dealership. It goes through the figures in great detail and is to filled out before you enter the finance office. Bill of Sale The Bill of Sale is another must have form if you plan to purchase from a private seller. It is complete with closing notes listed on the bottom so you don't forget anything or make any critical errors.

"What exactly do I look for when buying a car?"

There are several things you should inspect before you even turn the key to start the car. Our exclusive 'Before Starting Checklist' will assist you by going through the car with a detailed check list to help you spot potential warning signs with the vehicle. While starting the car, there are a few things you should pay close attention to and inspect before you go for the test drive. These pages and corresponding checklist will help you to learn what to look for before you test drive the used car. The Test Drive can be the most crucial step in the car buying process. It will expose many of the warning signs including potential brake problems, transmission issues, engine performance and more. The checklist is designed to help you translate your test drive experience.

Negotiating can be easy if you are prepared. If a seller tells you over the phone that the car is in perfect condition and your inspection finds a few items that need attention, it will be easy to show the seller that his/her car isn't so perfect, which gives you leverage to have them reduce the sales price. When finalizing the sale, its important to help protect yourself from dealerships as well as private sellers. You want to be sure the numbers don't change when you go to the finance office. We help you finalize your paperwork with pages for private purchases and dealerships.

"This used car buying guide is a unique & effective way to go used car shopping. The free checklists are comprehensive & easy to follow!"

Private Seller

How to use this Appraisal Buyers Guide and Checklists

To begin using your Auto Evaluator, start by printing and laying out the check lists titled Phone Log, Before Starting, Starting and Observing, and After the Test Drive. This site is designed to walk you step by step through each list, starting with the Phone Log. As you read through, follow along each page with the corresponding check list. Be sure to look at all the picture examples so that when you are actually looking at a car, you will be able to recognize the warning signs and you will know where to look on the car for the specific item you are checking on the list.

The Phone Log goes through the questions to ask when determining if a specific used car is worth going to see. It includes the basic questions such as mileage and options, and takes you into the questions most people overlook, such as how long has the seller owned the vehicle. It is also important to determine how well the vehicle has been maintained and we walk you through those steps with an easy fill-in-the-blank phone log.

The check lists are clear and easy to follow. Every item is color-coded to show you how severe the item can be in regards to both safety and repair costs. If the block is Green, the item appears to be in good working order. A Yellow block indicates the item is due for general maintenance. Orange blocks warn consumers that the item has gone beyond general maintenance and the problem can affect the drive ability and/or repair costs of the vehicle. Red blocks show a serious potential problem which requires immediate attention and should be considered when determining the safety and value of the vehicle. Black blocks indicate an extreme condition and the vehicle should not be driven.

Finally, the Price Negotiating pages are designed to help you determine a fair price for a used car. Whether it's a private owner or a dealer, we show you how to stay in control and maximize your negotiation so you can make an educated purchasing decision. We even go through a few warning signs when it comes to buying from dealerships and how to manage a high-pressure sales associate.

Color Codes


The Auto Evaluator is THE Used Car Buying Guide.

Auto Evaluator

We are not affiliated with any other automotive web site, company, or lending institution. We give our customers the tools they need to make an educated purchasing decision for themselves. We offer no opinions in regards to which manufacturer, make, or model a customer should purchase. This system has been designed around actual car buyers who experienced problems, some severe, and is beneficial to use whether you are going by yourself, or bringing someone to help you look at the vehicle. The program is 'dealership friendly' and has been developed with cooperation from Auto Mechanics, Sales Consultants, and Sales Managers. The Auto Evaluator is a guide, not a guarantee and always consult a qualified mechanic. The Auto Evaluator and all it contains is a TradeMark of Mistar Enterprises, LLC.